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Launch of Windsor Area's New Website

You’ve been saying it, we’ve been working on it. Finally it’s here! The Windsor Area is ready to launch a new website!

Why a new Website?


Well…. The old one was looking a little 1997ish admittedly.  But there was two driving reasons behind the new website:

  1. To keep Windsor Scouter’s better informed and up-to-date.  There are so many moving pieces in an Area operation like ours, the more we know, the smoother our events, camps, meeting activities go; and

  2. To help prospective new members and their parents understand what Scouting is all about in Windsor and want to join up.  How does this work? (and especially it's blog) will help parents evaluate what we offer youth, and hopefully persuade them to sign their children up.   It will also help us retain youth by demonstrating all the cool things older sections get to do.

What does it include?

  • Information and a map to all the Windsor Area groups;
  • The Windsor Area calendar of events;
  • Information about the program areas and how to join Scouts Canada;
  • A blog that you can upload to via email (take a picture, email it and a subject/quick description to the blog and it will automatically populate the new area Facebook and Twitter feeds too.  Your Group Commissioner will soon have the email address);
  • A “Scouter’s Only” area.  You will be able to access documents, information (like a list of all camping opportunities in SW Ontario) and much more. You will also for a short time be able to participate in a survey, telling us what you want to see here.
  • The “Scouter’s Only” area is on its own subdomain, meaning only Scouters with a code can create an account to use this area (Your Group Commissioners will soon be given the code).
  • And of course contact information and Scout Shop hours.
What kinds of future functionality will be introduced?
  • Subdomains for all the groups.  This means every group that wants it will have their own website (eg:
  • We’re looking into a plugin that will allow us to populate the blog via group Facebook pages.  This means that everytime you post cool things to your Facebook page, it will populate the Scouting Windsor Blog and the Scouting Windsor Facebook Page.
  • Integration with the MailChimp email blasts.  Each time an email blast is sent out, it will populate the Facebook page and be logged into the Scouter’s Area; and finally
  • Scouter’s access to the Area Calendars.  Having a group event?   We’re going to create a calendar just for your group, to use on your subdomain that will populate the area calendar so everyone can see that Scouts in Windsor Do Cool Stuff!
    What can I do?
    1. When your Group Commissioner gives you the access code, go to the Scouter’s Area and create an account.  Your Group Commissioner will be provided an access code soon. There's a survey there... tell us what kind of information you want to see there.

    2. Participate in our Scouting Windsor Photos / Video Contest.  We want our website (and other marketing products down the line) to reflect what we do here in Windsor.

      Submit your best photos and videos and you could win one of two $100 gift certificates to the Scout Shop (great way to get extra gear for this summer’s adventures)!



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