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Timken Environmental Adventure Centre

The Timken Environmental Adventure Centre (TEAC) is a modern, accessible 30x50 building that serves as an environmental program centre & classroom.The building has two washrooms, tables, chairs and houses our environmental program materials & equipment. The centre is designed to encourage a hands-on, active learning experience that focuses on the role and responsibility of young people, both Scouting and non-Scouting, in the stewardship of our environment.

The program centre is a valuable resource to volunteer Scouting leaders (Beaver to Venturer) who are seeking to provide an environmental stewardship component into their Scouting program but don’t have experience or available time to develop their own activities & program to assist in meeting badge requirements.  Healthy, active living is promoted by encouraging youth groups to explore our diverse camp property which contains wetlands, forest, creek and meadows.  Hiking, camping, and GPS caching are integrated into the activities. With access to program equipment such as: microscope, digital cameras, binoculars, digital binoculars, computer, projector and printer, youth can study birds, animals, bugs, wetland life, plants and ecosystems and take photographic/digital memories of their adventures. Activities can be as short as 1 hour or become the primary programs of an entire weekend camp and are adaptable to fit a wide range of ages.

To learn more about TEAC or to assist in program delivery, please contact Heather Schneider at schneiderk[at]

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