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Property Team

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Support Team

Operations Manager David Osborne dosborne[at]
Council Property Chair Rob Tuer robtuerfinancial[at]
Camp Coordinator Michelle Babiarz mbabiarz[at]
Bookkeeper Michelle Taylor mtaylor[at]
Property Support Manager James Capson james.capson[at]
Operations Manager – Property Accreditation David Scott david.scott[at]
Ontario Incorporated Body Director Larry Goslin lkgoslin[at]
Property Administrative Assistant Lauren Abramson lauren.abramson[at]

Property/Camp Managers

Camp Attawandaron Steve Nutt attawandaron.manager[at]
Bryson Centre Tim Boston bryson.manager[at]
Camp BEL Jason Sherman property[at]
Camp Cataraqui Lawrence Ribey cataraqui.manager[at]
Camp Cedarwin Robert Boose cedarwin.manager[at]
Camp Sylvan Jay Campbell sylvan.manager[at]

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