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Registration Process/Forms - 16/17

Welcome to your Tri-Shores Council registration page. Our goal is to provide you with a clear and comprehensive guide to the processes and methods for managing our membership.

The 2016-17 Registration forms and resources associated with this page are designed to address those processes handled by the Central Ontario Service Centre. (For instructions on how to do something within the system, please check out the resource material available to you at The Central Ontario Service Centre Team, invites you to call, email or visit if you find you are in need of help navigating the 2016-17 registration process. We are here to support our membership and will be happy to offer our help, whether it is just a quick question, or a troublesome glitch that needs a fix, or even a full tutorial for a new Group Registrar who is feeling overwhelmed. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help, we are your Council Support Office!

Important 2016/2017 Registration is now handled from Toronto.

The COSC Team

Email us: Alisa Yegorova or Ashley Kimber

Call us: 1-800-263-0930 extension 240 and 250 respectively

Find us: 10 Kodiak Cres., Unit 120, Toronto, M3J 3G5

Registration Processes and Forms

The documents below comprise your complete 2016-17 Registration package. For a speedy refresher on getting your group up and running for registration, the Quick Start Flyer offers clear and concise instructions.

Registration Summary (pdf) Code of Conduct (pdf)
R1 - Fee Schedule (discontinued) R2 - Entering Group Fees in MyScouts (pdf)
R3 - How to Set Group Fees & Section Maximums (pdf) R4 - Participant Registration Form 2016-17 (pdf)
R5 - Volunteer Registration Form 2016-17 (pdf) R6 - Participant Registration Cover Sheet (discontinued)
R7 - New Volunteers Cover Sheet (discontinued) R8 - Group Registrar Submission Checklist (discontinued)
R9 - NOLB - How To - 3 Simple Steps NOLB Chart (pdf) R10 - Member Transfer Form (discontinued)
R11 - Discontinued R12 - Scouts Canada's Refund Process
R13 - Parent/Child Link Form (pdf) R14 - How to Print Pre-Populated Registration Forms (pdf)
R15 - Bank Information Request (pdf) R16 - 5 Practical reasons to encourage Online registration (pdf)


How-to Documents

HT1 - Entering Group Fees in MyScouts (pdf) HT2 - How To - Print Pre-Populated Registration Forms (pdf)
HT3 - How To - Set Group Fees and Section Maximums (pdf) HT4 - How To - Add or Update Group Contact Information in MyScouts (pdf)
HT5 - How To - Closing a Batch (pdf) HT6 - BackCheck Instruction Sheet (pdf)
HT7 - How To - Parents Registering a youth with Myscouts (pdf) HT8 - How To - Creating an Account with Myscouts (pdf)
HT9 - How to - make an Active or Pending Member Inactive in MyScouts (pdf) HT10 - How To Deduct Subsidies From Batch Total (discontinued)
HT11 - How To - Add Info To Member Profile (pdf) HT12 - WOSC Notes to Group Treasurers About Annual Financial Statements (pdf)
HT13 - How To - Request a Parent be linked to their Child in MyScouts Form (pdf) HT14 - How To - Online-Self-Registration (pdf)
HT15 - How to print out a Batch Report (pdf) HT16 - How does 'Backcheck' work in regards to reference checks (pdf)
myScouts System Terms and Glossary (pdf) -



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