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What Is SCOUTSabroad?

Scouts Canada is part of an international community of 30 million youth, some less advantaged than others. The SCOUTSabroad program was developed to enable youth to participate in international jamborees, write to a pen pal or join in a project to help Scouts in the Third world.

Scoutsabroad often works in coordination with the Canadian Brotherhood Fund. Grants from the Brotherhood fund frequently provides the initial funding for projects that help communities and countries move towards self-sufficiency.

So how can you get involved?

  • Join a SCOUTSabroad project
  • Support a SCOUTSabroad project
  • Become a penpal
  • Plant your Scoutrees!! (The Canadian Scout Brotherhood Fund receives 15% of the funds raised by Scoutrees.)
  • Apply to the Brotherhood International Development Fund
  • Earn international badges
  • Participate in a World Jamboree

Tri-Shores Involvement

Tri-Shores Council has been involved in a significant number of the SCOUTSabroad projects that have taken place over the last 10 years. Our members have been a part of the planning, fundraising, preparation, and completion of the following projects:


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